Site Rules General

  • You are not allowed to sidetrack influencers by directly connecting with users.
  • There must be a genuine intention and interest before you bid or make offers
  • You must be civil with your language in the comments section and you are not allowed to promote your product or services therein.
  • It is your responsibility to provided seasoned information on your profile. So, update it regularly.
  • Juulr is not responsibile for the information provided by influencers for their social media accounts. To report such occurences, use the ‘report bad account’ feature of the page.
  • Juulr reserves the right to delete any account that does not comply with the rules.
  • Juulr is under no obligation to keep the profile information, history or settings of a deleted account.
  • Users may not link to external sites unless they are relevant to the property for sale. Such links include but are not limited to links with explicit or vulgar languages, links with copyright-infringing materials, links that are for promoting competitor’s products and services
  • Users can choose to withold their contact details in listings
  • All users should follow up on listings that are of interests as Juulr holds no guarantees on email deliveries and other notifications
  • Any user that is banned by the administration should expect no payment or refund
  • Influencers have the right to decline your offer. In such case, you will be refunded
  • In case of alterations or changes in the agreed mode of influencing between the influencer and user, such cases should be settled outside the platform.
  • Information on Juulr is user generated and while users are responsible for the information they share, Juulr has the right to share such information among other users without asking.
  • Payment will be made on completion of necessary steps. The tracking code gathers information on posts and final payments are made.



Rules about selling social media accounts on Juulr

  • It must be an account you have the right to sell
  • Claims of revenue or traffic must be backed up by verifiable evidence
  • An account listed for sale on Juulr must not be listed elsewhere
  • You or an intermediary must not bid on your listing
  • You must not withold helpful information
  • You are not allowed to copy the wordings of another listing


Rules about account information

  • Social media data must be accurate (backed up by screenshots)
  • Accounts must not contain adult content
  • Accounts must adhere to copymark and trademark laws
  • Accounts must be legal and not break criminal laws

We will not tolerate any deterrence to these rules and beaking them has serious consequence on your listing and user account. Listings that breach any rules may be corrected , suspended or removed. The fees will be refunded as required by law or based on Juulr's discretion.



  •  A ‘listing’ has a computer-generated number and is a single instance of sale or auction. To sell another property, a new listing will be created.
  • Launching a listing means you have granted Juulr the right to display the details of the listing. This right is permanent and we have options to hide listings during or after sale.
  • When a seller launches a listing, he/she agrees that when it is won and he/she accepts an offer, his/her contact details will be provided to the other user.
  • The seller must have the intention to sell the item entirely. Any required outside licenses, permits or others must be stated in the listing
  • A seller is under obligation to sell to the user with the winning bid or offer if the reserve has been met
  • The user with the winning bid must buy for the amount of the bid
  • Sites with less than 3 months revenue or traffic history must not claim revenue in their listings titles or descriptions
  • Specific potential revenue or traffic number claims are entirely forbidden in listing titles or descriptions.
  • Guarantees are not allowed on any listings due to their fluid nature. Instead, users should optimize sales contacts and escrow services
  • Offers listed for sale on Juulr must not be listed elsewhere. There is however, an exception to private sales
  • A seller must provide full details of the item for sale and not intentionally withhold information from public view
  • Claims of revenue or traffic to a listing must be becked up by verifiable evidence. Claims to POTENTIAL revenues or traffic must be marked as such
  • A “listing” on Juulr is the individual instance of your auction or sale, which has a computer-generated number. Properties sold more than once on Juulr will have a new listing created for each new auction or sale.
  • By launching a listing, you grant Juulr a premanent, irrecovable, and unrestirced licens to store and display the details of your listing, Juulr offers a number of options to hide listings during or after a sale.
  • By lauching a listing, you agree that in the event of a winning bid or when you accept an offer, your contact details will be provided to the other user.
  • Domain names that are sold must be transferrable to another registrar
  • Specified requirements such as using the same registrar or other restrictions must be clearly stated in the listing description
  • Subdomains, in which there is no ownership cannot be sold on a listing since ownership can’t be transferred
  • Listings that breach the stipulated guidelines can be corrected, suspended or removed by Juulr without refund of monies paid
  • Unauthorized copying of listing texts are forbidden as such texts are copyright of the sellers.
  • Claims about the site must be the recent time and our site and we are not responsible for when our website is offline or an error happens
  • Sites that were offline for more than 14 days, were redirecting or that switched to a different niche must use the latest live date as the site established date
  • Changes or improvement in monetization methods or technology do not necessarily mean the new site established date except any of the above sated events occurred
  • Where the site was established on a different URL for the past year, the authentic site established date is one that contains the original URL.
  • Subscriber addresses can be sold with a website only in the case that the emails are provided by their owners for the website being sold. Email address lists not particular to the website cannot be sold on Juulr



  • There must be a set reserve price which must be equal to or more than the minimum bid price
  • Where the reserve price and starting bid are equal, such listing will display as ‘reserve’ in red color
  • The reserve price must not be open to the public under any circumstance and by any means
  • The reserve price can not be changed once it has been met
  • The reserve price can be lowered but cannot be raised
  • If there is a ‘buy it now’ price, it must be equal to or greater than the reserve price
  • The ‘buy it now’ price and reserve price may be lowered, but none of the two should be changed to a lower amount compared to the accepted bid
  • Once a ‘buy it now’ price is met by the current bid price, the ‘buy it now’ price is instantly disabled and hidden. The seller can then add a new ‘buy it now’ price which may be higher than the previous one if they wish
  • The listing will display if the reserve price has been reached by a valid bid or if it hasn’t
  • Where there are bids that are higher than or equal to the reserve price, the highest bid is the winning bid
  • Bids that are made in the final hour postpone the end time until one hour after the bid has been placed
  • If an auction is concluded and the reserve price is not met. All accepted offers immediately expire and the listing is opened instantly to a post-auction negotiation


Bids and Offers

  • Users should be at alert and take due interest when on any side of a transaction
  • Amounts of bids and offers are anonymous to everyone else except the seller
  • When you make a bid or offer, it means yours can be the winning bid, as such, your contact details will be accessible to the seller
  • Sellers are not allowed to bid or offer on their listing either directly or through a third party. This is strictly forbidden
  • Users are not allowed to reveal their offers or bids to other users either through private messages, comments or no other way
  • Bids or offers, including ‘buy it nows’ that do not generate response from the sellers within 72 hours will be automatically nullified
  • Responses to an offer or bid is permanent. When an offer has been accepted, it may not be rejected afterwards and when it has been rejected, it may not be accepted afterwards.



  • Bids are legally binding and irrevocable until a higher bid is accepted. Afterwards, the previously highest bid expires
  • Bids cannot be withdrawn by the bidder once declared
  • All bids must either be accepted or rejected by the seller
  • Buy it now bids that do not generate a response within 72 hours are automatically rejected
  • Bidding is suspended until a response is made to a buy it now bid
  • If a buy it now bid is accepted, the user that placed such bid is the winner and the auction is concluded
  • Where the seller species his/her buy it now PayPal account, buy it now bids can be placed directly by PayPal. In such case, the bid is always accepted once the PayPal payment has been made.



  • Offers that are less than the minimum amount will be automatically rejected by the system
  • Offers may be retracted at any point as long as the seller hasn’t accepted them
  • Offers are irrevocable and legally binding once accepted



  • Listing fees will be refunded as required by the Dutch law and/or at Juulr’s discretion.


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